Our Process

Process flow diagram illustrating how Verimployee can integrate into your existing recruitment process

(How we recommend you use Verimployee in your company’s recruitment process)

  1. Shortlist applicants for interview: From your list of applicants select the adequately qualified candidates that you want to interview
  2. Enter these applicants on Verimployee: These applicants will receive a notification asking them to verify their information, and consent to share data about them on Verimployee with your company. This step can also serve as a ‘screening test’ to weed out insincere individuals
    1. Candidates who refuse: They are more likely to ‘play-games’. We suggest that you do not proceed further in recruitment with that candidate
    2. Candidates who grant access: They are likely to honor their commitments. We suggest that you proceed with interview process
  3. Interview and selection process: Proceed as you normally do
  4. Job-offer
    1. You can give the recruit an offer-letter in hand, by email or any other way your company currently does it
    2. In addition, your company’s HR representative can initiate a 'job-offer' to that candidate on Verimployee. (Information needed: 1. Date on the job offer-letter, and 2. Job-start date)
    3. A notification will be sent to the concerned recruit with a link to accept the job-offer on our platform
    4. The candidate will be informed that his acceptance of job-offer will be complete only if he does so via the Verimployee link
    5. The job-offer is open for acceptance by the candidate for 7 days and can be extended just once by the HR for another 3 days
  5. Confirmation of reporting to work: Verimployee will follow-up with both, your company's HR and the employee, to confirm if the candidate has indeed joined on the due date
  6. 3 months confirmation: 3 months after joining date, we will again confirm with your company's HR and the recruit whether the recruit is still in the job