Key Benefits

Registering on Verimployee:

Identifies sincere and serious applicants credibly

  • Screens out insincere individuals and non-serious applicants
    • Who just want to ‘test waters’ for salary raise- as they would not like their insincere behavior to be recorded and be available to their future prospective employers
  • Verimployee provides a ‘credible signal’ of a job-seeker’s sincere intentions
    • Willingness to register with Verimployee and to interact with their prospective employer through verimployee unambiguously communicates an applicant’s sincere intentions
    • Nothing else that the employee can say or do is credible.
  • Verimployee will improve behavior of almost all applicants
    • As they interact with you as their prospective employer on Verimployee
    • Because of the downside risk associated with not keeping their promises made on Verimployee platform.
  • HR personnel at TransOrg Analytics noticed it early when they started using Verimployee platform in their recruitment process.

Job-interview Module

Strongly dissuades no-shows for job-interviews

  • No-shows for job interview or last-minute cancellations by job-seekers
    • Are a major source of waste of a company’s resources and dramatically escalate the recruitment costs
  • Our job-interview module enables
    • Your company to formalize the scheduling of job-interview and
    • Its acceptance by the candidate confirming his/her availability for it.
    • We follow up with both the HR and candidate to confirm that it took place as scheduled.
    • The number of no-shows for job-interviews by any candidate is saved in his/her Verimployee profile (the name of the company is however NOT recorded)
  • This brings accountability in job-interview process
    • As the job-applicants who repeatedly miss job-interviews risk becoming less appealing to their prospective employers.
  • The interview module is completely secure.
    • It is so designed that the data collected cannot be abused/misused by a company’s competitors for recruitment

Recruitment Module

Dramatically reduces employee no-shows on joining date and short-term attrition

  • Verimployee records the job-offer acceptance and verifies and records if the recruit actually reported for work and did not leave within 3 months
  • You need the share just these two pieces of information – date on the job-offer letter and the joining date
    • Your company’s offer letter or the employment terms don’t need to be shared with Verimployee.
  • In a pilot study in an analytics company, the use of this module resulted in
    • The employee no-show decreasing from >80% to <20% within 4-5 months
    • This was associated with zero short term attrition (within 3 months)

Employee Exit Module

For planned amicable employee exits

  • Employees often leave without honoring notice period
    • Especially in small companies and startups
  • Not infrequently
    • The employees leave on bad terms or
    • Do things detrimental to a company’s interests while leaving
  • Verimployee’s ‘employee exit’ module
    • Verifies and records that the employee honored the notice period
  • In addition, our Exit Module is nuanced
    • to promote employees to leave on good terms with the company in their own interest

Hiring Freshers: A Dilemma No More

Verimployee can again make it financially desirable to hire and train ‘Freshers’

  • Not so long ago, most companies would
    • Hire freshers from colleges based on their aptitude and talent, and
    • Would train them on the job, so that
    • The company could benefit over the years that individual stayed with the company.
  • Lately, hiring ‘freshers’ has become money losing proposition for the companies
    • Most freshers don’t report to work after accepting job offer as they tend to accept multiple job offers simultaneously
    • The short-term attrition amongst the freshers is sky-high
    • Soon after completing training, most freshers leave for a higher salary
  • Consequently
    • Most companies are reluctant to hire freshers and hire only those who have been ‘trained’ at other companies
    • There is now a huge pool of ‘Freshers’ who find it impossible to find a job or are exploited by certain unethical companies or skilling programs
    • At the same time, the companies are in dire need of qualified candidates to fill vacant positions
  • Verimployee can make it financially feasible to hire and train freshers by
    • Increasing the proportion who report for work after accepting job offer
    • Committing to and honoring their VeriPromise to stay for a mutually agreed duration so that companies can get a decent return on their investment in training
    • Ensuring they leave only on mutually agreed terms and after adequate notice so that the company has a fair chance at retaining them if they want to
  • Freshers could help themselves by
    • Registering and being willing to accept job-offer and VeriPromise commitment on Verimployee
    • That would increase confidence amongst prospective employers about your sincere intentions and willingness to play by the rules
    • Employers would then be willing to hire you and use their company resources to train you well
    • The NSDC’s “skilling programs” and companies that are in the ‘business of skilling” who then issue you a certificate have little incentive in training you well.
    • On the other hand, a company that hires you based on your aptitude and would like to retain you after your training has strong incentives to train you the best they can to maximize their returns on investment in training you. This is a win-win situation for both you and the company