How Can Your Company Join

You can create an account by following the link above. We would need basic documentation to verify that yours is a duly registered and functioning company and you are an authorized representative of your company. Our team will be glad to facilitate your registration and verification process.
We would be happy to arrange an information/demo session for you and other decision makers in your company. We will also explain how the platform works, how it will change the behavior of your applicants and your recruits and how it could save your company significant amount of money besides easing the work of your HR personnel by reducing effort and removing their significant pain points in their interactions with applicants and recruits.


  1. A company should be registered on Verimployee only by a bonafide employee of that company and with the authority to do so on the company’s behalf.
  2. All users from your HR department should have official email ID
  3. Your company’s GST number

Self Registration for individuals

Self-registering with Verimployee sends a credible ‘signal’ to your potential employers that you are serious about the job you are applying for, and that you are sincere and not looking to game the system. Understandably, these two qualities are of immense value to the employers for their own benefit. Unfortunately, as they say, “talk is cheap” and there is nothing you can say to your potential employers to credibly communicate these two attributes. By registering on Verimployee and thereby showing your willingness to have your behavior recorded, you credibly communicate these two highly desirable traits to your employer thereby increasing your desirability in their eyes and making you stand out in the crowd of applicants.


  1. With our larger goal of helping our labor-force and employers by promoting trust through development of an accountability mechanism, we have priced our product so that it is affordable to everyone
  2. For Applicants: Applicants/employees will never have to pay any money (FREE) for use of Verimployee
  3. For Employers:
Billable Service Our Fees Terms Our Guarantee
Formalize an interview ₹100 You will pay only if the applicant confirms that he will be attending the interview We will automatically refund ₹200 if the applicant does not actually attend the interview
Formalize a job-offer ₹5000 You will pay only if the candidate accepts your job-offer on Verimployee We will automatically refund ₹10,000 if the candidate does not report to join on due date
Register and start Notice Period ₹1000 You will pay only if the candidate acknowledges his resignation and start of notice period We will automatically refund ₹2000 if the candidate does not complete the notice period
VeriPromise 2.5 % of Release amount (bond amount) You will pay only if the employee/applicant confirms his Veripromise to your company We will automatically refund you 2x our fees if the candidate does not honor his Veripromise commitments

Our Contact Information

Phone: +91 98106 10537