Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Verimployee a recruitment platform?


No, Verimployee is not a recruitment platform or portal. Verimployee is an “Accountability and Trust Mechanism” that will increase the probability that the job-applicants and employees will keep their commitments to companies

Q2. Our company already has a Job-portal or a recruitment platform? Does Verimployee replace those?


No. Verimployee is a standalone product and does not and never will replace your recruitment platforms or job portal

Q3. Why does our company need Verimployee if we already have a recruitment software platform that we like?


All recruitment platforms increase the efficiency of HR staff in the hiring process. However, they cannot and will never be able to make applicants and new hires accountable for not keeping their promises (such as not reporting to the job after accepting it)

By recording their commitments and also whether they kept their commitments and having this data available to future potential employers, Verimployee can reduce this behavior dramatically

Q4. It sounds like an interesting idea. How do we know it will work?


With Verimployee, we have not invented anything new. For thousands of years, individuals living in small communities (eg. Villages) have been kept accountable by fear of everyone else finding out about them not keeping their commitments and getting a reputation for not being reliable and trustworthy

However, this accountability mechanism is not effective in the large communities of present day. The desire of companies to keep their information protected and private accentuates the problem by providing complete anonymity to those who habitually don’t keep their promises. The unique value of Verimployee platform derives from its ability to overcome the geographic challenges to efficacy of this time tested societal mechanism

Q5. How much information does our company need to share with Verimployee?


Apart from the basic candidate identifying information, just the date on the letter of agreement (Job offer-letter) and the agreed upon date of joining

Q6. How can Verimployee be effective with such scant information collected?


Verimployee essentially replicates what happens in small communities in real life. Individuals who habitually don’t keep their promises (regardless of the details) acquire that reputation which endures in people’s memories. We similarly can identify habitual offenders amongst employees

Q7. How about potential misuse or abuse of this information by ill-intentioned players?


This information will be made available only to potential future employers after explicit permission from the employee/applicant

Q8. What if Verimployee servers are hacked and the information made public by miscreants? Will this make my company be vulnerable for liability and damages?


All information about the applicants and employees is collected with their explicit consent and their participation is entirely voluntary

Having said that, the security of data is our highest priority and we have put considerable thought and effort into making sure that our data is secure, and information about your employees cannot be accessed by hacking into our site

Q9. How about our company’s information falling into the hands of our competition in case of Verimployee getting hacked?


Due to the way we save information, it is extremely unlikely that hackers will be able to access any meaningful information even if they manage to hack into our system. Furthermore, we do not save any information about your employees that would be of use to your competitors

Q10. Why can’t Verimployee manipulate data for financial or other gains?


Verimployee collects verifiable information after verifying it with both the applicants and the company. It then stores this information without any “processing” or “interpretation”. The data is stored on our “Read only” databases. Our system architecture is such that it is impossible for even our own system administrators to identify much less alter any data, for any kind of secondary benefit